Which Type Of Business is Yours?

Which Type Of Business is Yours?

In 1964 Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev proposed a scale to measure the technological advancement of a civilization by the amount of energy it can harness.. It ranges from Type I, a planetary civilization, to Type III, a galactic society. On that scale, our civilization is ranks 0.75.

I like to use a similar scale to measure the ingenuity of a business.

Type I: The “me too” business. Almost always if there is a new business idea that has proven successful, there are a lot of imitators and outright copies of the original business. Their only way to compete is on price and lower quality.

Type II: “Build a better mouse trap” businesses…

Type III: These businesses have an idea. They do not spend gauging their competition, but do something truly new. They become a leader and the competition tries to catch up with them.


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