Traits, Not Skills

Traits, Not Skills

Why traits are more important than skills.

Skills can be taught. Anyone of average intelligence can learn a new skill.

Enthusiasm, motivation, positive attitude and outlook are traits that you cannot teach. People either have them or they don’t. This is not to say that those without positive attitudes are doomed forever. You need to realize, that no matter how great the skills of a person, the lack of favorable traits …

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Markus Abraham

Markus Abraham

I am a consultant and a business owner and the privilege of working with multinational blue-chips as well as small startups, generating a wealth of experience along the way. And I want to share. I am writing about strategy, innovation, business purpose, all things digital and performance. If you want to know more about me, please visit my about page. If you are new to this blog, start here. If you think, you could benefit off hiring me as your consultant, I have a dedicated page to give you more information about how we can work together.