Advisory Management Consultant

My goal in consulting is to help organizations, not only to fix problems, but to create new opportunities at the same time.


Business Philosophy

The Truth vs. ‘What Sells’

Conventional wisdom tells us that you need to sell what sells if you want to succeed in business. But what if ‘what sells’ gives your client a false sense of achievement or security and the

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Consulting Psychology

Transforming Beliefs

Unsustainable beliefs are one of the hardest thing to overcome. Just countering them with facts is in most cases counterproductive. Instead of persuading, you will inadvertently harden factually wrong beliefs. You will come across as

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Pricing Your Services

There is so much information about your service in your fees. Think of it, your pricing determines the type of clients attracted — size of organization, professionalism, investing or cost-cutting, quality-conscious or quantity-driven. Your pricing

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Three Steps…

The internet is awash with experts promoting their three-step formula to effortlessly build a multi-million dollar passive-income business. Obviously, if I want to remain competitive I need such a three-step formula. I pondered, took a

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Consulting Psychology

Traits, Not Skills

Why traits are more important than skills. Skills can be taught. Anyone of average intelligence can learn a new skill. Enthusiasm, motivation, positive attitude and outlook are traits that you cannot teach. People either have

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Extremely This

Keeping fit is healthy. Taking your fitness regime to extremes can cause health problems. A good night’s sleep is important for our bodies and mind to function. Oversleeping does not only make us feel groggy

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